Terrace House: Aloha State - Season 1 Episode 21

Terrace House: Aloha State focuses on six young people living in beautiful Hawaii. The camera crew follows the cast 24 hours-a-day to capture events in their lives as each pursues their dream.

Episode:21/36 eps





Season 1 - Terrace House: Aloha State
"Terrace House is back with six new members! As they slowly trickle in, they get acquainted with each other and their beautiful new home."
"The house blackboard is filling up with everyone's plans. Lauren takes Yuya and Naomi into town and the three bond at Coffee Talk."
"Avian helps Naomi find a restaurant job. Yuya heads to his language school to take a placement test. Lauren's drawings continue to improve."
"Avian and Lauren meet with Eric to encourage him to apologize to Naomi. Naomi's job interview goes well and she thanks Yusuke for his help."
"Everyone heads to Waimea Bay Beach Park, where Lauren explains what happened with her job. Later, Yuya and Yusuke talk about relationships."
"Eric and Lauren go to the farmer's market to try some coconut. Naomi successfully hostesses her first table. Yusuke has a heart-to-heart with his dad."
"Naomi asks Yuya out, but he turns her down. Later, she overhears him making plans with Avian. Yusuke and Avian check out Lauren's fashion show."
"Yusuke prepares for his date with Lauren, but she's apprehensive. Yuya tells Avian he's serious about her, but she thinks Naomi may be a better match."
"Avian helps Yusuke get over his date. Meanwhile, Naomi has a special request for Avian, who puts pressure on Lauren to change her Thanksgiving plans."
"The residents hold back their tears and see Naomi off. Eric likes Lauren, but worries about the age gap. Avian and Yuya enjoy a candlelit dinner."
"The housemates meet the new male cast member, Taishi, who's looking for a love to die for. At age 29, he doesn't want to waste any time."
"Taishi and Avian spend some quality time together, then Anna and Taishi share a hug. Eric leaves the House and a new cast member arrives."
"Pro surfer Guy shows his skills. Yuya and Avian head out for a romantic Christmas dinner that starts well but ends on a disappointing note."
"The house attends Lauren's art exhibition. She's crushing on Taishi but confesses to Avian that she's never asked a guy out on a date before."
"Lauren and Taishi head out on their nighttime walk together. Later, he invites Anna on a horseriding date. Guy changes his image in an unexpected way."
"Lauren prepares for a big change. The members head to Ehukai Beach Park to see Guy surf the Pipeline, but he comes home with an unfortunate surprise."
"The house undergoes a tearful transition, Yuya rethinks the status of his relationship, and a new member makes her first appearance at the house."
"Taishi takes the lead at dinner with cute new member Niki. The house reacts to Yuya and Avian's announcement. A former member makes an appearance."
"Guy finally makes his return to surfing and has a long chat with Taishi afterward. Niki tells Taishi about the results of her job interview."
"Guy makes an exciting announcement to the house. A worried Taishi turns to Avian for romantic guidance, then dispenses some life advice to Yuya."
"Taishi and Niki head to the climbing gym for their well-planned date. Later, Niki and Guy hang out in the living room together."
"The house -- and a surprise guest -- attend Avian's swimsuit brand launch party. Two residents depart and two new members prepare to enter the house."
"Guy and Niki spend the day at the beach, then head to Cinnamon's to catch a show. Later that night, Taishi and Cheri have a chat by the pool."
"Cheri confronts Taishi about his womanizing ways. Guy asks Niki directly about their date, and about her impending departure."
"Guy and Niki still haven't talked about their feelings directly. It's the night before Niki's departure, but she might not be the only one leaving."
"Two new housemates join the group: former fashion student Jennifer Mila and long-term Hawaii resident Chikako. Taishi is smitten with Chikako."
"Moving fast, Taishi invites Chikako on a date to an izakaya. Meanwhile, Cheri and Mila go see Eric and plan to attend Wez's show."
"After hitting it off on their date, Taishi and Chikako make plans to go hiking together. Cheri and Eric meet for breakfast, but she has other plans."
"Pouring rain interrupts Taishi and Chikako's hiking trip. Guy and Mila make dinner plans, while Cheri tells Eric she's been seeing other guys."
"Guy's departure date approaches while everyone teases Taishi about giving Chikako socks. Late one night, Cheri and Eric go out drinking."
"After spending the night with Eric, Cheri goes on a date with Connor, a Russian college student. Anna comes to visit her old housemates."
"Salaryman Ryo moves in from Japan and immediately gets into surfing. After asking about Taishi's feelings, Chikako goes for coffee with Ryo."
"After her ex-husband sends her a message saying he still loves her, Chikako agrees to meet him. Later, she talks with Taishi."
"Taishi takes point at a tense house meeting in which the members tell Cheri they feel disrespected. The next day she goes on a picnic with Ryo."
"Taishi is about to turn 30, and he plans a big date with Chikako, writing out a script the night before. The housemates try Kona coffee."
"The other housemates decide to leave early so Taishi and Chikako can have a night alone. Everyone is making plans to go to Japan."